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Computing and ICT


The overall aim for Information and Communication Technology at Oakwood is to enrich learning for all pupils and to ensure that teachers develop confidence and competence to use Information and Communication Technology in the effective teaching of their subject.

Information and communication technology offers opportunities for pupils to:

  • Develop their ICT capability and understand the importance of information and how to select and prepare it.
  • Develop their skills in using hardware and software so as to enable them to manipulate information.
  • Develop their ability to apply ICT capability and ICT to support their use of language and communication.
  • Explore their attitudes towards ICT, its value for themselves, others and society, and their awareness of its advantages and limitations.
  • Develop good Health and Safety attitudes and practice in relation to ICT.

Please view our Curriculum Maps and Policy for ICT by using the download buttons on this page.







Key Stage 3

All pupils study Computer Science, ICT, and Digital Literacy. Pupils learn how to collect, categorise, store, use, and present data and information safely and appropriately in a variety of contexts and forms including text, images, number, sound, and video. They will explore and create programs and applications using a range of tools including text-based programming languages, game-based learning, and robotics.

Cross-curricular ICT will be delivered through English, Maths, Science, and Humanities.

Key Stage 4

All pupils study ICT and Digital Literacy key skills. There are two qualifications available at KS4 regarding ICT. In the first instance, pupils work towards gaining Entry Level ICT, followed by the opportunity to progress to Functional Skills ICT at Level 1 or, for particularly able students, Level 2.

Currently, Computing is available as an option for students entering Key Stage 4. Students study Computer Science key skills and further develop their ICT and Digital Literacy through the Entry Level Computing qualification. GCSE courses in ICT or Computing may be made available to students deemed capable of success in this demanding qualification.

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