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Food Technology

In Food Studies pupils work in a kitchen environment to develop their capability and confidence in selecting and using a wide range of ingredients and techniques. We seek to develop a sound understanding of food and the important role food plays in a healthy lifestyle within our pupils. We teach the basic practical cookery skills and focus particularly on Healthy Eating, Safety and Hygiene, Catering and Nutrition.

Pupils are encouraged to be independent learners, creative thinkers and team workers through their Food Studies.

 Pupils learn about nutrition and develop understanding and skill in adapting dishes for people of different ages and for a range of special dietary needs. The Eat Well Plate provides a focus for pupils to practise designing, planning, developing and making nutritionally balanced meals.

Learning about food should be as practically involving an experience as possible at all ages, because food presents people with everyday decisions to make and problems to solve. Children need to develop the knowledge, skills and practical capability to meet needs and requirements through appropriate responses to the challenges which food presents in their lives. As such, food has a role to play in linking aspects of education that relate to health, life skills and in preparing young people as citizens.

Pupils in KS3 participate in a double lesson of Food Studies every week and they will generally cook every other week.

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