I love coming to Oakwood Academy because you learn lots of new things and make really good friends. Class 10C
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Modern Foreign Languages

The MFL Department at Oakwood Academy, which currently delivers French, allows pupils to develop a life-long love of learning language. The key aims are to create opportunities to learn about the country, its people, language and culture, whilst comparing these to our own experiences in Great Britain.

Learning languages gives pupils opportunities to develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and to express themselves with increasing confidence, independence and creativity. The curriculum is delivered through schemes of work which aim to develop successful learners who enjoy language, make progress and achieve. Pupils explore the similarities and differences between other languages and English and learn how language can be manipulated and applied in different ways.

The development of communication skills, together with understanding of the structure of language, lays the foundations for future study of other languages and supports the development of literacy skills in a pupil’s own language.

Please view our Curriculum Maps for French by using the download buttons on this page.

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