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Key stage 3 overview

Across key stage 3, pupils are provided with a range of different activities in order for them to start to develop the skills, understanding and resilience to lead and maintain physically active lifestyles. Pupils encounter units of activity which allow opportunities to work as a team and solve problems, take part as individuals, set targets and take part in outdoor and adventurous activities.

The curriculum will allow pupils to enrich their personal development, be curious, imaginative and ambitious about what they are able to achieve. Pupils will be given opportunities for discussion, peer assessment, guided discovery and problem solving.

How are pupils assessed?

All pupils are assessed every 6 weeks across three key areas in PE – their practical skills, understanding and resilience. Pupils will be actively involved in assessment for learning in all lessons to ensure they are clear and responsible for their achievement. This will enable the children to become independent learners, begin to recognize their strengths and areas for improvement and begin to recognize those of their peers.

Key stage 4 overview

The Key Stage 4 curriculum allows a personalized approach to learning where pupils have the opportunity to specialize in their chosen role as a performer, coach, leader or referee and they also have the opportunity to participate in a range of more challenging activities. In core PE, all pupils achieve an Entry Level Qualification in Physical Education and receive an Entry Level 1, Entry Level 2 or Entry Level 3 award.

How are pupils assessed?

Pupils are assessed out of 30 in their 4 strongest sports, as a performer, leader or official. Pupils also have to complete an analysis of performance which is marked out of 6 where they have to self evaluate their own performance in one of their sports.

The Key Stage 4 sports option allows pupils to study sport as an employability pathway. Pupils are streamlined into appropriate qualifications in order to provide them with the necessary skills and understanding to lead and healthy and active lifestyle when they leave school and take sport in Further Education.

More information regarding qualification pathways can be found in the PE Department Handbook in the PE office.


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