Liwsi has progressed very well since arriving at Oakwood. We are very proud of her. Her educational development is improving each day. Mrs Mandy Doherty
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Sixth Form News

The first issue of the Oakwood Sixth Form Newsletter can be downloaded by clicking the link at the bottom of the news page. It contains lots of fabulous features about visits and experiences our Sixth Form students have enjoyed recently. It has been edited by Year 12 students Ryan and Megan, with support from Ms Tustin and contributions from Sixth Form staff and pupils.

You can also get regular updates by visiting the School Report page on the Sixth Form part of the Oakwood website.

Editors' comment

Hello, Our names are Megan Hampson and Ryan Griffiths and we are the people that created this newspaper ( with the kind help of Mrs Tustin) to give you all the exciting news which is happening in sixth form. If you have any news stories you would like to see in the next issue, please send them to Mrs Tustin in the next month. We hope you enjoy this first issue and if you want to suggest any improvements just let Mrs Tustin know.

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