Mr Metcalf and I are delighted with the progress Adam has made over the past year at Oakwood. We can see how much he loves his school, thanks for all your help. Mr and Mrs Metcalfe
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The review process has been updated to incorporate a more pupil centred approach. Before the review takes place the pupils are taken through a PowerPoint demonstration with staff support. Pupils feel comfortable in sharing their views, when in the main review the presence of parents and other adults might inhibit their contribution.

There are action slides in between each slide so any actions that need to be taken before or after the review can be documented and acted on immediately. All information is documented throughout the review allowing the pupils comments that were added previously to be updated and/or changed along with any additional information from parents/ social workers/ medical representatives, etc.

The reviews last for 45 minutes and this is made clear at the start of the review through several slides laying out ground rules, etc. The fact that the slides already have information on provides active prompts for discussion, keeping the review flowing and on time. Parents have stated they feel this review process is a positive experience.

Mr & Mrs Rodgers said they felt so proud of how the boys had done, with many parents leaving feeling very proud and applauding the work the school had done to develop their children.

David O’Sullivan’s (Connexions) thoughts...

Ms. Capell developed the new Pupil Centred Review PowerPoint based on best practice from Eccles College Person Centred Reviews and what knowledge and resources I had gained from attending the Person Centred Review Facilitators.

The new process is a significant shift from the previous style reviews and tries to gain a holistic assessment of how the student is progressing and setting clear action points for future targets. As Ms. Capell and I see the young person before the review we can complete a significant amount of the form before the review so the pupil does not have the pressure of talking in front of other professionals. This in turn makes the actual review flow better, so that we can emphasise the pupil’s successes while still gaining plenty of input from the pupil, parents/carers and professionals.

I personally feel that the review is less stressful for the pupil as they have personally prepared their own presentation. Physically sitting around the television, watching the presentation gives a feeling of all being on the same team and takes some of the pressure off the student. It also gives professionals present at the review a clear guide to what is being discussed. My colleague who covered some reviews felt that they were excellent and would recommend rolling them out elsewhere.

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