Liwsi has progressed very well since arriving at Oakwood. We are very proud of her. Her educational development is improving each day. Mrs Mandy Doherty
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Pupils aiming for a C+ at GCSE at the end of Year 13 will be working in a small group and covering a mixture of higher and foundation topics.

They will increase and extend their understanding of a range of mathematical concepts and develop their logical and problem solving abilities in preparation for their future careers.

As a school we want to prepare our students for all aspects of life after school and this includes the ability to manage money in different circumstances. One way that we are doing this is through enriching the maths curriculum by including money related tasks that brings maths to life for students. The maths department is also working with other areas of the curriculum to develop financial topics and contexts for learning. We are working towards becoming a Centre of Excellence in Financial Education.

The new Cambridge Progression suite of qualifications is also going to be run within the sixth form. They range from Entry Level to Level 2 and focus on the fundamentals of adult learning in English and Maths - core skills and knowledge, simple assessment and a framework of bite-sized, credit-based units.

These are new accredited qualifications designed for adult learners who need Core English and Maths skills. They have been developed using the Adult Literacy and Numeracy Core Curriculums. They are small units that target specific skills.


Cambridge Progression Awards

There are 47 bite sized Cambridge Progression Awards (English and Maths). Each Award is between 1 to 4 credits. One credit equals 10 hours of teaching so a 2 credit Award means it has 20 Guided Learning Hours (GLH). Each of these Awards is achieved through a paper or on-line assessment delivered in exam conditions. OCR will mark these examined assessments.

Please view our Curriculum Map for Maths by using the download button on this page.

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