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Enhanced Learning

During the past few years at Oakwood Academy there has been a small group of pupils that have shown they are working significantly below expected levels during their time in the foundation classes. Over a period of time, the number of these pupils has grown and it has become increasingly apparent that the pupils needed specific learning strategies aimed at their needs, in order to help them settle and learn at Oakwood Academy.

From September 2015 we introduced the Enhanced Learning Class to help address and meet the specific needs of the pupils. Currently, there are eight pupils in the class which is made up of years 8 and 9. All pupils are taught on a primary model of delivery within their own area of school and follow the primary national curriculum which meets their abilities and stage of development. They have access to a full time Speech and Language therapist as well as speech and language delivered by a trained teaching assistant; specialist trained teaching assistants; the support of the Disability Team and access to hydrotherapy when needed. The main advantage of the Enhanced Learning class is that the pupils are based in one specific room for all subjects, including practical subjects, with one teacher for all and two teaching assistants, one of which is ELKLAN trained. The pupils still have access to Art and P.E. once a week. Again, these subjects are with one specially trained teacher whom the pupils are familiar with. Both the Enhanced Learning teaching assistants are with the pupils at all times.

Enhanced Learning also incorporates life skills into their curriculum. We feel this is an important aspect in order to begin to prepare the pupils for life after school. Some of the Life Skills activities include shopping trips, extra cooking lessons in addition to the timetabled cooking sessions and learning basic skills, including personal hygiene and cleaning skills.

We run a long term curriculum plan over a two year cycle so all pupils have access to a broad and balanced curriculum, with specific emphasis on developing core skills. We assess pupil progress using the B Squared system and look for every opportunity to show how small steps are being achieved, and we are scaffolding pupils’ knowledge and skills. Teachers review progress every half term and this is monitored by all senior leaders and Governors.

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