We are pleased with Kishan's academic progress – including PE! We feel Kishan has made progress in self help skills too, as well as increased confidence in his communication with others. Thank you to all the team for supporting Kishan so well. Mrs J Patel
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Foundation Learning

In September 2015 we introduced the Foundation Learning Department which has replaced the Y7 base. This Department now has up to nineteen Y5 and Y6 pupils and thirty Y7 pupils. All pupils are taught on a primary model of delivery within their own area of school. They have access to a bespoke play area for break and lunch times, access to a full time Speech and Language therapist, specialist trained Teaching Assistants, the support of the Disability Team, access to hydrotherapy when needed, two Learning Mentors, trained Therapists for OT, Physiotherapy and Mental Health. The Department also has support from our Inclusion Manager, their own Head of Lower School and Assistant Head teacher responsible for KS2 and 3.

We run a long term curriculum plan over a 3 year cycle so all pupils have access to a broad and balanced curriculum, with specific emphasis on developing core skills. We group children broadly within their stage of development as well as their chronological age and these groupings are continually reviewed to ensure they are appropriate. We assess pupil progress using the B Squared system and look for every opportunity to show how small steps are being achieved and we are scaffolding pupils knowledge and skills.

Teachers review progress every half term and this is looked at by all senior leaders in school as well as governors.


















When time in Foundation Learning is coming to an end, appropriate transition is planned. A small number of pupils whose needs are so complex they would not be ready to progress to a Secondary model of delivery would progress to the Enhanced Learning Group for Y8 and Y9. This group has no more than eight pupils and additional staff who have specific training in SLD, ASD, SALT and Behaviour Management. These pupils will enter our KS4 with identified additional support or transfer to a more appropriate provision if needed. The vast majority of pupils however will transfer to Y8 in the main body of the school and follow a secondary curriculum taught by subject specialists.




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