I love coming to Oakwood Academy because you learn lots of new things and make really good friends. Class 10C
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Silver Street Campus

Oakwood Academy has a 15 place Enhanced Resource Provision for pupils whose needs are so complex and severe they require additional support. This provision is for pupils who are usually on the autistic spectrum or who need an autism friendly approach to learning aged 9 to 16 years of age.

The provision is small, nurturing and discreet. Class sizes are no more than five pupils per class. Each class has a teacher and two teaching assistants who have specialist training. There is access to a sensory room, group rooms and provision is sound proofed so there are quiet areas for learning. Pupils use symbols to help communicate and structure the day. At every opportunity young people are integrated into the main body of the school at the Eccles campus. This will be agreed with parents and when pupils are ready and able to do this.

The provision is supported by an Educational Psychologist and our Speech and Language Therapist. The environment is therapeutic and aimed at reducing anxiety and distress. The school day is structured like a primary provision so children have the same teacher every day for all subjects. Pupils progress is monitored carefully and reported every half term. Our aim is to improve social and emotional needs to such a level that pupils can access the main body of the school at the Eccles campus.

Pupils have access to a discreet curriculum that is aimed at meeting their needs. We expect pupils to make rapid and sustained progress as we want pupils to make outstanding gains in their learning.

Oakwood Academy, Chatsworth Road, Ellesmere Park,
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Tel: 0161 921 2880