I love coming to Oakwood Academy because you learn lots of new things and make really good friends. Class 10C
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Specialist College

As a Sports College our spirit of innovation, creativity and personalised learning ensures all young people at Oakwood are exposed to opportunities, which allow physical, social and emotional development to flourish. This is reflective in the opportunities pupils are exposed to within the curriculum and extensive out of school hours learning programme with our long term goal of creating lifelong participants in sport.

We constantly strive to meet the needs and interests of all pupils to engage young people in activities which promote healthy and active lifestyles which also enhance their social and emotional well-being.

KS3 curriculum

Throughout this key stage, it is important all children have acquired the basic skills that will allow them to be successful and enjoy new sports. For some of our children traditional sports and team games are not always suitable and therefore alternatives are explored.

KS4 curriculum

Within Year 9, children begin to be signposted for qualifications that will be most suitable for them and the role physical activity will have in their education post 16. As all of our children differ in how they will use physical activity and sport when they leave school, we offer a range of qualifications.


Lessons are predominantly taught within our sports hall, playing field or playground. Some children with physical disabilities are timetabled to use the hydrotherapy pool. Children also benefit from the use of the running track, sports hall and swimming pool at the Y Club, Manchester.

Cross Curricular Links


Due to the transferable skills that physical education has with other subjects and the power it has to inspire young people through other subjects, we are currently developing our cross curricular learning projects. This allows our young people to contextualise their learning and understand concepts surrounding PE outside of their practical PE lesson.

Trips, Visits and Events

What have we got to be proud of?

Calvert Trust leisure weekend - In October 2011, the PE department took a group of young people on a leisure weekend in the Lake District. Pupils had the opportunity to go on cross country walk, go swimming in the local leisure centre and hydrotherapy pool, take part in dance activities and games on the Nintendo Wii, play football and visit the local park. Activities were planned to meet the needs of the target group of young people who attended. It was a great weekend enjoyed by all despite the rainy weather.

CandoCo dance performance at the Lowry Theatre - A group of BTEC music students were lucky enough to receive tickets for the CandoCo performance, Turning 20, in September at the Quays Theatre. The students are currently in the process of composing music for a contemporary dance piece that will be choreographed by the CandoCo choreographers in preparation for their performance in April 2012.

WOW factor - All staff and pupils were extremely proud of all the young people who auditioned and performed at the recent WOW factor this Christmas. The audience and judges were wowed by an array of talented young people who displayed talented dance performances and ambitious choreography. Well done to all those involved.

Mountain biking in the Lakes - A group of year 11 students attended the Grizedale mountain bike centre in Cumbria as part of their BTEC assignment on land erosion. The group had the opportunity to experience and observe how the environment has been affected by land erosion whilst taking part in mountain biking across the differentiated routes. It was a great day enjoyed by all and allowed some of the staff to show off their cycling skills and impress the students.

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