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Oakwood is committed to making relevant and challenging provision for all our learners. We create a  caring and supportive environment that provides for all our pupils’ abilities and needs.

Oakwood works from a dynamic, modern and engaging curriculum, that is suitable for the varied requirements of all our children. KS3 pupils are taught in one of three classes (a, b or c). Pupils are placed in a class where we best feel we can meet their needs and support their progress.

Oakwood’s Curriculum Policy Intent

  • The intent and design of the curriculum is tailored to meet the specific needs of all learners using a stage not age approach which has a significant impact on learning
  • Contributes towards personal development and fosters independence for the future
  • Provides a wide range of high quality, relevant and purposeful opportunities which inspires young people to actively engage with their own learning.


During KS4, pupils are given the opportunity to choose the subjects that they would like to study during three option lessons per week. Parents and staff work in conjunction with each other to ensure that pupils choose a range of subjects that are suitable for them. Pupils continue to have a number of lesson in the core subjects every week. Subject teachers are responsible for making sure that pupils work towards a qualification at KS4 that is appropriate for them. These include Entry Level, Key Skills, Foundation and GCSE qualifications.Progress 8 is not applicable for pupils at Oakwood Academy because of their low starting point.

We believe that all children should be provided with the opportunity to reach their full potential. This is dependent on teachers imparting knowledge in an effective, flexible and inclusive manner that inspires all children to learn. Teachers use creativity and imagination to create engaging lessons that capture pupil’s interests.

Staff create very strong relationships with pupils in the school and use their knowledge of the needs of every individual student to plan differentiated lessons that allow all pupils to achieve.

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Oakwood Academy - A Visual Arts, Technology & Sports College

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