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Designated Provision

Oakwood Designated Provision

We believe that each and every one of pupils deserves the highest quality of education. In our Designated Provision, a team of Teaching Staff and specialist Learning Support Assistants work to provide an enriched, personalised curriculum within an integrated setting where students can learn alongside their peers at a pace and with the support suitable to meet their needs.


·         Focus on individual needs to maximise progress

·         Provide a nurturing and supportive environment

·         Opportunity for students to access the wider area of school including specialist lessons,  and qualifications based on their individual needs.

·         Develop the students communication, confidence and independence



·         An individual, bespoke timetable

·         Interventions - both individual & small group teaching

·         Subject specialist teachers working with staff and pupils

·         2 Designated Teachers to support pupils in the base classrooms

·         Opportunities for students to work alongside their peers across the wider areas of school

·         Speech & Language and Social Communication/Skills interventions

·         Higher ratio of support staff

·         Work experience and essential life skills for KS4 pupils to prepare for adulthood 



2 large dedicated classrooms for all DP students

Sensory room/quiet area 

A bank of recommended resources to support Speech and Language and Social Communication/Skills development including Attention Autism.

SCERTS curriculum to support students progress in social communication and emotional regulation.