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New Homework Menu's are out for Autumn 2!

Oakwood’s Homework Policy Intent

  • Allows parents, carers and guardians the opportunity to become actively involved in their child’s learning journey.
  • Builds on the high standards of teaching and learning within the Academy and consolidate what pupils have learned in class.
  • Reward pupils for completing additional work completed outside of the classroom.


Homework Menu’s

Setting of homework for KS2, KS3 and KS4 pupils completing classroom based qualifications.

At Oakwood we believe that pupils should be involved in their own learning journey. Giving pupils the opportunity to choose tasks themselves encourages them to become invested in their own learning and fosters independence.

Homework will be set at the start of each half term for all subjects through a homework menu (please see example on this page).

  • Each pupil is given a homework diary to complete homework in at the beginning of the academic year. Pupils are encouraged to complete homework in this book with the support from parents/carers.
  • Pupils will receive a physical copy of the homework menu to take home with them which will be glued into their homework diaries. A copy will also be published on ClassDojo within each classes story.
  • Some tasks on the menu should be completed every week for example, reading for pleasure, spelling practice and maths practice.
  • In addition, the homework menu will also outline the details of tasks which pupils are able to select each week. Tasks will be largely linked to topics being studied in subjects, project based and open ended in design. The tasks aim to inspire pupils and increase engagement whilst giving parents, carers and guardians the flexibility to tailor the activity to their child’s specific needs and abilities.


Setting of homework for KS4 pupils completing external qualifications.

Pupils completing qualifications which are not classroom based will be set homework on a regular basis which complements what has been delivered in class. This may take the form of tasks designed by subject teachers to work on specific skills or knowledge needed for the qualification or past papers / exam styled questions.

When homework is set it will be noted in pupil log books with a due date for completion.Staff will be expected to date when homework is given on the homework chart for the subject they teach.

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