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Oakwood’s Marking Policy Intent

  • The intent of this policy is to provide clear feedback to pupils which is focused and easily understood by pupils.
  • Allow pupils the opportunity to revisit errors made in work or support pupils to develop work further through opportunities to make improvements.
  • Allow staff to mark in a timely manner and with pace in order to provide feedback to pupils both within lessons and before the following lesson commences.


Please see Oakwood’s Marking Policy on this page.

The aim of the marking guidelines is to help pupils progress and show that they have moved forward in their learning.

  • The following procedures for correcting children’s work should be implemented by all staff.
  • Children’s work should be annotated as soon as possible after completion, and if possible, in the presence of the child by a member of staff, themselves or another pupil.
  • Work should be marked according to the curriculum focus.
  • The marking codeshould be observed and used to reinforce literacy across the curriculum.
  • When correcting spellings teacher’s judgement will be used as to whether the pupil will benefit from correcting all spelling mistakes, or just the first five.
  • Verbal discussions can take place between teacher and pupils/young people as a way of giving feedback. 
  • If children make neat copies of their work after it has been corrected by a member of staff, originals should be kept as an indication of child’s true progress.
  • When marked work is returned to children there should be some kind of verbal feedback either individually or as a class.


Marking should aim to create a learning dialogue between staff and pupils, it is not meant to be an onerous task for staff. Marking needs to be meaningful for pupils and is meant to encourage future progress. Quantity of feedback should not be confused with quality of feedback. The quality of feedback, however given, will be seen in how a pupil tackles subsequent work. Please see table below.

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