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Oakwood’s Feedback Policy


The rationale of this Feedback policy is to:
 • introduce the key aims and objectives of Feedback at Oakwood
 • to create a clear set of guiding principles that are applicable across a range of contexts
 • provide a system which is clear to students, staff and parents
 • establish a consistent approach to marking learners’ work so that students feel valued and have a clear understanding of how well they are doing and how they can improve their learning to reach their potential



Feedback policy aims:

• Done well feedback  supports pupil progress, building learning, addressing misunderstandings, and thereby closing the gap between where a pupil is and where the teacher wants them to be.
• To ensue that students are getting timely and meaningful feedback.
• To ensure that students are proactive in acting upon feedback received and improving their own work.
• To create a continual and meaningful learning dialogue between the student and the teacher.
• To encourage a sense of pride in student work.


Feedback  should aim to create a learning dialogue between staff and pupils, it is not meant to be an onerous task for staff. Feedback  needs to be meaningful for pupils and is meant to encourage future progress. Quantity of feedback should not be confused with quality of feedback. The quality of feedback, however given, will be seen in how a pupil tackles subsequent work.

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